Process driven

Process-driven projects to keep everyone on track.

As an agency your value and uniqueness is in your process. Any time you’re “making it up as you go along” is costing you money and confusing your clients.

We’ve put process at the heart of Outlign - keeping you and your clients on track, together.


Kill scope creep.

Use separate steps to track rounds of revisions and milestone sign off, removing any guesswork about what’s been delivered.

Always start on the same page.

Create templates for every phase and step in your optimum project flows.

Work and wiki side by side.

Internal notes can be added to guide your account manages on the why and how of every step.

Client focused

A workspace that’s good for clients.

Other project management tools are great for your internal team, but they’re confusing as hell for clients. So you either stay in a never-ending mess of emails or throw them in the deep end of your busy-as-hell kanban board.

Outlign was designed with client communication and collaboration in mind.


A map for your creative process.

Use phases and steps to guide your client through the project. They’ll always know exactly where things are at, and what’s coming next.


Bullet proof approvals

Remove any confusion with clear sign-off points. See who approved what and when.



Foster meaningful discussion and feedback on every step and task in all of your projects.


School up clients on your process

You know a tonne about the creative process but maybe the client doesn't. Start each phase with an education step to school up your clients and teach them about what's ahead.

Introducing the first communal workspace.

A unique client view and an agency planing view, all from one screen.

Say goodbye to time-consuming clicks and project-switching, everything you need to get the creative work done is here, in one easy place.

Designed with creative agency teams in mind, the project workspace inside Outlign is a game-changer. It’s two unique workspaces in one.

A simple progress view for the client and a more detailed board style for the agency to plan and action work.

And don’t worry, we make it crystal clear what side of the project you’re posting to with next level access control for users.

Choose what your internal team sees, keeping them focused on their tasks while project managers can seamlessly navigate both client and agency views.

Clients love it

An agency invited Nissa to Outlign for a website rebuild. She said managing her side of the project and monitoring progress was easy and hitting milestones was a lot easier. Hear her story.

Calm by design

Crafted for simplicity and calmness, avoiding attention-grabbing tactics and unnecessary features. Our focus is on being minimally intrusive, ensuring clarity and relevance in every user interaction.

Distractions not included.

Our conscious approach to notifications to keep you focused on what you’re doing, not who’s pinging you for attention.


Everything at your fingertips.

Easy access to project info and reference files so you can keep things like briefs, strategy docs, and useful links close at hand.


It’s time to ditch the PM tool that’s working you.

Software tools these days have too many features and too many distractions. Our mission is to keep you and your client focused and in the flow.

Don't just document 
your SOPs. Run them.

Spin up a new project in seconds using Outlign templates or your own agency templates, including all your team's learnings, notes, and key steps already baked in - making sure you all start on the same page.


Mark, Dave & Ant - Co-founders of Outlign